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Hioki Launches Power Analyzer PW3390

Hioki is pleased to announce the launch of the Power Analyzer PW3390. The new product extends the performance of the legacy product (the 3390) to deliver basic accuracy of ±0.04% when measuring power, allowing high-accuracy power analysis and placing it among the most accurate instruments in its class. In addition, the new product features a measurement frequency band that has been extended to 200 kHz and incorporates a new phase correction function.

Hioki expects the newly available PW3390 to make a significant contribution to the development, manufacture, maintenance, and management of electrical devices used in energy conservation and alternative energy applications.

Development Background

Demand for electrical devices used in energy conservation and alternative energy applications, for example solar panels, electric vehicles, motors, and inverters, currently is reaching unprecedented levels. As they work to develop such devices, manufacturers pursue improvements in energy conversion efficiency on the order of 0.1%.

Analysis of motors used in electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) provides an example of such improvements. EVs and HEVs use a battery to power a motor, but at the same time they also control the motor with an inverter for maximum efficiency. By measuring power between the battery and inverter and between the inverter and the motor and then performing a comparative analysis of the two quantities, it is possible to ascertain the energy conversion efficiency. Demand for the ability to measure conversion efficiency of power conditioners used in solar power systems is also increasing.  

Hioki set out to develop a power meter that delivers the capabilities needed in order to meet demand for high accuracy and broadband performance in this type of measurement.

Key Applications
* Development, manufacture, maintenance, and management of electrical devices used in energy conservation and alternative energy applications
* Batteries, motors, inverters, solar panels, power conditioners, electric vehicles, air conditioners, etc.

Primary Features
1. Basic accuracy of ±0.04% in power measurement
The newly available PW3390 delivers basic accuracy of ±0.04% rdg. ±0.05% f.s. when measuring power, placing it among the most accurate instruments in its class and making possible more accurate power measurement than the previous model (the 3390-10), which delivered basic accuracy of ±0.05% rdg. in power measurement. Given demand for high-precision measurement on the order of 0.1% in the drive to improve energy conversation efficiency, the new product is positioned to meet the industry’s needs in this area.

2. Measurement frequency band that’s been extended to 200 kHz
Whereas the measurement frequency band of the legacy product (the 3390) was limited to 150 kHz, the PW3390’s measurement frequency band has been extended to 200 kHz.

3. New phase correction function
Power is measured on the secondary side of the inverter in order to ascertain the device’s energy conversion efficiency. Due to the phase characteristics of the current sensors used in this type of power measurement, the error component of measured values (the amount by which they deviate from actual values) increases with the frequency.

The PW3390 incorporates a phase correction function based on a new technology known as virtual oversampling. This function significantly reduces measurement errors caused by phase error so that power can be measured more accurately on the secondary side of inverters.

4. Extensive selection of available sensors, including models that can measure up to 4000 A AC/DC*
The PW3390 can be used with an extensive range of current sensors, including 17 high-accuracy pass-through models, clamp-on models, and directly wired models. Thanks to the breadth of Hioki’s line of sensors, the PW3390 can be used in a wide range of measurement applications, from R&D to field maintenance and management.

Used in combination with the Sensor Unit CT9557 that Hioki launched last year, the PW3390 can measure large currents in multi-cable circuits at large-scale generating facilities such as megasolar installations


Fast, reliable & Fast: See how the Montrac transport system ..

Please see how Montrac transport system utilizes un-used space near ceiling for transportation of parts from one process to another process. This video is available from youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bvp82b-hTQ 


Full Inox Extreme inductive sensors confirm engagement of safety locks on hooklift trucks

A hooklift truck utilizes a hydraulic system for loading and unloading a demountable container. Once the container is correctly positioned on the vehicle’s load bed,  interlock bolts engage with its base, locking it into position. Rugged sensor systems detect full engagement of the interlocks, ensuring the truck is safely loaded prior to driving away. Sensors must be mechanically robust and withstand harsh outdoors conditions.

Customer Values

• Elimination of human error prevents truck being driven in an unsafe condition
• Highly reliable sensing performance in demanding conditions
• Corrosion-resistant sensors withstand water, ice, mud and salt
• Highly cost-effective solution to a potentially serious problem

Specific product advantages

• Single-piece AISI 304 (V2A) stainless-steel construction
• Rugged, hermetically sealed embeddable sensors
• High resistance to harsh operating conditions


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